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Workshop Toyota KATA Follow up

Informujte sa na konkrétny termín a bližšie podmienky alebo na realizáciu priamo u Vás podľa konkrétnych požiadaviek na kontaktoch uvedených v dolnej časti stránky.



The goals are:

  • to exchange experiences with implementation of Toyota KATA principals,
  • to discuss about ways how to overcome obstacles that prevent us using experimental (scientific) thinking as apattern, 
  • how we have connected KATA initiatives with others improvement programs,
  • and of course how to further develop our skills in coaching.

20-th September

Pre Workshop dinner at 19:00

21-st September

8:00 - 16:00

Quick update on the individual situation regarding Kata by each company
(15 minutes each)
  • Leading questions:
  • What did we find about / learn when about the Kata since our last training?
  • Show 1 or 2 highlights of things that have changed through the Kata
  • What is our actual condition now (number of active coaches, number of active improvers)? What is our next target condition regarding the Kata
  • Which obstacles are we currently struggling
  • State one question to your fellow Kata practitioners you would like to discuss with us

Group work on the proposed?

Questions for discussion?

Built a Kata Dojo

  • This exercise starts with advanced Kata Dojo exercises to gain more practice and then continues to building our own Kata Dojo exercises based on situations the participants struggle with.

Define / sharpen next target condition and define next steps

Lector and coach Toyota Kata

Tilo Schwarz

Tilo Schwarz is a management trainer and KATA coach who leads the managers during the corporate culture change projects towards continuous improvement.

He was a CEO of Festool company where implemented the Toyota KATA as a main principle for problem solving. Together with his management team implemented continuous improvement as an everyday routine through all organisation levels. That was a basis for winning in the A.T.Kearny competion in the area of production as a Plant of the year 2018 and second place in competition WHU/INSEAD? Excellence acknowledgement in industry for 2011.

Cieľová skupina:

Target group:
Toyota KATA coaches, people who solve practical question how to create a culture of continuous improvement Toyota KATA

Miesto konania:
ŠVEC a SPOL, s.r.o.
Staničná 502
952 01 Vráble

Poznámka k cene:
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • Workshop is in English language
  • In the fee there are included: participation on workshop, dinner, lunch and refreshment.
  • Accommodation is not included.
  • Participation fee is necessary to pay on based advance invoice that we send to you before workshop if there is no other agreement.
  • Whole text of our Business condition you find here.


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