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Research and Development

The area of research and development belongs to the portfolio of each good company. It is an obvious signal which informs about the company’s interest to advance – to grow together with innovations and development of the current product portfolio.

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The idea of collaboration is based on the following principles

The direction of the research and development process is given directly by the customers and their demand. We have to monitor regularly the global development and we also participate in understanding new principles of technologies and products being developed. We know our position and we also know where we would like to be within 10 years. We begin to link the research and development workplaces with real business – a successful interface is the current situation as well as the vision of our future at the same time. 

Since the very beginning of its existence IPA Slovakia has been participating in various projects oriented especially on the following areas
We are not able to extend our product portfolio by new and attractive elements without new knowledge and experience acquired by practical activities in the area of developing new technologies, products and innovations. The active participation in the projects brings a whole range of further ideas and interconnections which we develop in collaboration with our partners. We offer our customers solutions which are beneficial not only for the customer’s growth but in the form of feedback they give a space for other development activities. Our goal is to search systematically for new opportunities, tools and technologies to increase productivity and performance efficiency of the manufacturing systems, technologies and employees. We also innovate and develop new products and areas of business which bring higher benefits for the customer and contribute to increasing the value added. 

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