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Production Management Inspires How to Overcome Professional Challenges
Zuzana Lendvayová, 28. 08. 2017

IPA Slovakia organises the conference Production Management with the goal to link the experts and to inspire each other in the area of the new trends in a friendly atmosphere. Already the seventh year of the two-day conference is bringing experience of the managers from leading the foremost manufacturing enterprises from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Europe to Žilina.


How to complete good ideas? Or how to improve the ability to do the things better and to innovate?

A lot of companies have got the route of Lean and they are trying to keep the implemented tools working sustainably. To ensure the changes to be perdurable, it is important to concentrate on the habits which are used in the company environment. Mike Rother in his book Toyota KATA says that all mangers in the organisation should spend 50 % of their time by coaching the others. This book differs from other materials about the Toyota Production System by the way how he describes the utilisation of the tools used in Lean. Tilo Schwarz (KATA coach) who leads the managers during the process of the change management and implementing the culture of continuous improvement will present his introductory paper. He and his management implemented continuous improvement as an everyday routine across all processes and areas in the company Festool in Germany. Pavel Záchenský, the manager of the Leoni Productivity Systems in the company LEONI Slovakia in Trenčín, utilises the system of continuous improvement in Slovakia. He will tell us about his experience and difficulties in the area of KATA coaching in the plant for producing cable sets and components for cars of the world brands.

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How is the process of the Lean transformation in a company with 12,000 employees realised?

Get acquainted with the story of the largest steel producer in central Europe. Ján Petko, who is the leader of the process excellence department, is working on sustainability of the adjusted changes in the company U.S. Steel Košice. The main items of his paper will be his practical experience from implementing the Lean tools, process planning, spreading the transformation change in all company processes and removing barriers between departments.


Will the management systems help the industrial revolution 4.0? What are we to build on?

Suddenly the place is swarming with the Industry 4.0 projects. Every manager wants to use this expression, to implement the principles in his/her plant, however, very often he/she does not know what to expect from it. Vlastimil Čech, responsible for managing the manufacturing divisions, logistics and planning in the company Meopta – optika, will speak about the industrial revolution 4.0 through the eyes of a multinational specialist in the area of the optical products. Erik Fister, a WPS specialist in the company Whirpool – the producer of the best sold brand of the white goods in Slovakia, will bring a new view at the SMART solutions in logistics. He will speak about solutions integrating the elements of Industry 4.0 which helped them understand and subsequently optimise the internal logistic processes in the plant better.

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The brand Whirpool has been the best sold brand in Slovakia for 21 years.

Can older technologies match the challenges of today?

Immediately after coming new technologies you will not scrap the old machines. Have you tried to implement autonomous procedures to achieve parametrically comparable effectiveness of the older machines and the new ones? Jan Cholvadt, the director of the plant ITT Holdings, the member of the foremost world manufacturer for the ITT energy, transportation and industrial markets in Ostrava will share his experience with the practical implementation of the World Class Manufacturing elements and the upright approach for an immediate benefit of the enterprise.

From changing the technologies up to the change of adjusting the people´s way of thinking.

While you can change then technologies and machines overnight, changing the people´s attitude is always a big challenge in every organisation. Emil Považan, the senior production manager, will tell us how they coped with this area in the company Panasonic Industrial Devices during their intensive transfer from the audio-video production to the automotive manufacturing. He will describe the successes and problems they coped with in Trstená, a company belonging to the largest global concern manufacturing the consumption electronics.

What helps the employees feel at work like at home? And why to do all of that? The director Monika Šimánková will inspire you in her paper: "Why not to lose new employees? Or a new employee = the next pillar of the company.” Under her leadership the company Hestego was awarded by the Prizes Company of the Year 2014 in the south Moravian region and Responsible Company of the Year 2014 in the south Moravian region.

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Company Hestego is one of the largest producers in its area. It is dealing with the technological development and design in production. Source:

The strategy how to make the employer more attractive through improving the ergonomic conditions.

The improvements in the areas of productivity, quality, logistics or maintenance are bringing financial savings in the projects. If we say – ergonomics – the companies perceive it more or less as a cost item without any significant financial saving. Have you ever calculated your costs coming from the industrial diseases? How is the satisfaction of the employees who work at a non-ergonomic workplace without any opportunity to change their working position or with frequent one-directional movements? Pavol Kucej, responsible for the processes of continuous improvement in the company Continental Matador Rubber, the member of the multinational Continental, will speak about realising the map of the ergonomic load and the automation processes.

Company Zetor Tractors has exported its goods to 136 countries during its 70-year history. Source:

Tradition with own development and production centre enables a whole range of innovations.

A lot of awards and exports to many countries all over the world prove the triumphs of the Czech brands. How have they achieved this success? Marián Lipovský, the director of the operational centre of the company Zetor Tractors, the first company of the world which started assembling the safety cabins in their tractors and Pavel Juříček, the owner of the company Brano Group, one of the largest companies dealing with the automotive area in the Czech Republic will speak about this. While M. Lipovský will aim at the main changes in the company in connection with the material flow of logistics versus production, P. Juříček will speak about research and development of the new projects.

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The schedule of the conference with all speakers

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