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Why is Lean still important?

"Only 2 % of the companies that have a LEAN programme have achieved the expected results”, says the research of the Industry Week Magazine which ... Read more13. 11. 2017

How to Achieve and Maintain the Real System of Continuous Improvement

He was leading the KAIZEN projects in the time when the publications as Lean Thinking by Jim Womack and Dan Jones, Learning to See: Value Stream ... Read more28. 09. 2017

Production Management Inspires How to Overcome Professional Challenges

IPA Slovakia organises the conference Production Management with the goal to link the experts and to inspire each other in the area of the new ... Read more28. 08. 2017

Come and Draw Inspiration from the Largest Conference in Slovakia

The sixth year of the IPA Slovakia conference Production Management offers an opportunity to be inspired by the unique corporate cultures, company ... Read more30. 08. 2016

Go and See in the Form of a Study Tour

We want to improve; however, we do not know how to do it. We suffer from the company blindness and we would like to be inspired by the „better ... Read more22. 08. 2016

Why Do We Need Toyota KATA?

We probably will not find a company in the world that is fully satisfied with the results of the improvement activities and Lean culture ... Read more19. 08. 2016

It Is High Time to Improve Your Administration Processes

In October 2015 we have extended our offer by a new training programme – the Master Study of Lean Administration. In this way we respond to the ... Read more07. 07. 2016

School for Foremen – from White to Blue Collars

Why is a Foreman Important for Our Company? Only few managers are aware of the importance of the foreman’s position in the company. Let’s analyse ... Read more20. 02. 2015

How to Build Innovation Centres?

What’s Important – to Save or to Make Money? During the company top management meetings we often solve disorders in production, production ... Read more20. 02. 2015

Do You Know Exactly What the Rate of Return on Your Investment in Education Is?

The graduates of the Industrial Engineering Master Study are expected to implement the acquired knowledge into real environment quickly. This can ... Read more10. 02. 2015
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