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We provide a complete programme of the staff development from the level of the senior management positions for standard posts in the companies. Our training is focused on solving practical problems in the company, the individual human development, discovering people’s talent and increasing their motivation.

We prepare and apply a system of testing, evaluating and developing the human potential in business and we also aim at the human development in the intellectual, emotional and physical areas.

We teach on practical examples, we give instructions how to solve problems and boost the participants in implementing the achieved knowledge in their enterprises.

IPA offers you a complete portfolio of educational programmes and it depends only on you, which type and area you will choose. We are ready to create an educational portfolio according to your requirements so that it can fulfil your expectations in the best possible way.

Conferences (1 - 2 days)

Long-term Trainings (1 - 2 years)

Compact Education (2 - 6 months)

Trainings and Seminars (1-3 days)

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