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We are preparing supporting materials for our partners – books, manuals, training materials, training games, trainings and aids for the operation and innovative activities of the Industrial Engineers. We are making great efforts to innovate our products and subsequently to offer them to our customers.

The IPA Slovakia lecturers are the authors of the books, brochures, e-books, video and study aids created on the basis of their experience during realising the projects. Our offer includes also tools for following up the utilisation of these aids, the staff and a lot of other products which develop creativity, innovations and optimisation of the company processes. 

The whole offer of products that you can order in Slovak or Czech can be found here.

IPA Brochures

These training and educational materials from the area of Industrial Engineering contain descriptions of basic principles of the methods and techniques implemented during realising the projects. The brochures are based on the experience of the IPA Slovakia project managers.  

Examples and a closer description of the brochures here.

IPA Training Materials

The training materials offer a compact solution – the educational and practical materials for implementing the method selected in your enterprise. The structure of the training material will enable you to conduct the training and subsequently to implement the knowledge in your company by yourselves.

Description and example of the training materials here.

IPA Training Games 

The training games help the company develop the potential of its employees. We have created training games which are suitable for employees´ knowledge and skills development in the area of a clean and appropriately arranged workplace – 5S, machine setup – SMED, maintenance – steam engine, quality – MSA, improving the machine efficiency – CEZ, lean production and logistics – Technic

The complete offer of the training games here.




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