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Increasing the Process Performance Efficiency

Today only healthy corporations have a chance to be successful. The health of an enterprise requires functionality, performance efficiency and stability of processes. Let’s look at the customer requirements through our clients´ vision. They expect that the goods or services will be delivered as quickly and accurately as possible and for the lowest possible price, in required quality and with a reliable guarantee and after-guarantee service, our behaviour has to be helpful as well as solving the possible problems.

If we look at the solution areas more thoroughly, some customers have problems with inventories in the WIP area. This fact complicates their cash-flow, the employees carry out unnecessary handling operations and the throughput time grows. Other customers have problems with idle times due to machine breakdowns. Some of them struggle with problems in the area of quality, others have problems with the operators´ work productivity or costs of supporting possesses in the area of administration.

If we look at the process performance efficiency from the point of view of productivity, the suppliers can satisfy the customers by increasing the outputs for the lowest possible inputs; of course, the deliveries have to be stable.

IPA Slovakia realises the increase of the process performance efficiency according to the following procedures:

The Way to Making Your Decision

The process of increasing the process performance efficiency can be viewed through several angles. Individual areas of the process performance efficiency can be linked. E.g. the productivity of the machine, line, people is not connected only with eliminating the idle times and activities which do not add any value but also with quality of the process at the output. The IPA investigating team provides comprehensive views at increasing the process performance efficiency and our solutions are not only partial ones. The results of our activities for the customers are based on long-year theoretical and practical experience from the companies operating in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, central and western Europe.

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