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What methods do we use?

This figure shows only some areas we are developing in our projects. Individual methods are analysed more thoroughly in the IPA magazine on this website. But there is one substantial thing – no normal doctor gives you her/his favourite medicine but first she/he finds out the disease and its cause and the diagnosis is stated – regarding the seriousness of the illness and the patient’s condition. Let’s forget Six Sigma and Lean Management, re-engineering, TQM, benchmarking, kaizen, BSC and process management. A lot of concepts have come into being as business names given by professors and consultancy firms. Let’s behave reasonably – use only that medicine which is efficient and let’s use them when it is necessary and not because our neighbour takes it. We do not want to say the mentioned concepts are wrong or do not work. We also utilise many of them. The contents and effect are important, not the packaging and an exotic name. 

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