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What are the typical benefits of our project?



Project Duration
in weeks/
Number of consultation

Area of Utilisation

Typical Benefits

Industrial audit


1-2 weeks/
6-10 MD

Fast analysis of the state, improvement potential and solution proposals

Immediate savings from proposals, clear defining of change areas and steps

Analysis and measuring of work

4-6 weeks/
10-16 MD

Performance norms, productivity and ergonomics of workplace

Norm reduction by 10-40%, improvement of workplace layout, training of specialists

Product innovations

8-20 weeks/
16-24 MD

Product development, marketing, innovation projects

Training of people in new style of work, creating map of solutions, product with radically improved qualities

Process management

12-24 weeks/ 20-30 MD

Engineering, production, enterprise processes

Cost reduction, higher flexibility and responsiveness, clear responsibility for processes, higher performance

Segmentation, new Layout

8-16 weeks/
10 – 16 MD

Production, logistics, material flows, layout

Surface reduction by 10-50%, shortening of material flows by 20-50%, reduction of WIP and throughput times by 10-20%

Value Stream Mapping

4-6 weeks/
4-8 MD

Production lines, manufacturing processes-material and information , throughput time

Reduction of throughput times by 30-50%, wasting elimination, WIP reduction by 10-40%, cost reduction, process simplification


24-40 weeks/ 16-24 MD

Production, management, engineering

Preparation and team start-up, improvement of performance and motivation, reduction of overtime and costs

Setup time reduction

2-4 weeks/
3-4 MD

Manufacturing equipment and lines

Setup time reduction by 30-60%, standardisation, batch reduction

Inventory reduction, balanced flows

8-16 weeks/
10 – 16 MD

Production, logistics, material flow, layout

Inventory reduction in the firm by 10-30%, new system of inventory management, freeing surfaces

TOC – Management of Constraints

4-6 weeks/
4-8 MD

Production, engineering, constraints in the enterprise

Analysis of causes of bottleneck rise and fast increase of their throughput by 5-10% without investment costs

Lean Sigma

54 weeks/
30-50 MD

Whole Enterprise

New system of control and measuring of strategic projects concerning improvement of firm’s performance, annual benefits of 15-30 million Slovak crowns


12-24 weeks/ 15-30 MD

Manufacturing equipment and lines, maintenance

Machine productivity increase by 10-20%, better care of equipment

5S, workplace organisation

4-16 weeks/
5 – 10 MD

Production, logistics, information system, offices

Reduction of redundant things at the workplace, increased productivity, saving surfaces

Pull, Kanban, DBR

12-16 weeks/
8-12 MD

Production, logistics

Making control clearer, WIP reduction and throughput time reduction by 10-50%

Organisation of Engineering

12-24 weeks/ 10-15 MD


Time reduction in engineering by 10-30%, failure reduction in engineering by 5-10%, improvement of communication


8-16 weeks/
5-10 MD

Whole Enterprise

Improvement of communication, inspection, motivation and control, support of teamwork

Cost reduction per product

24-50 weeks/ 15-20 MD

Selected product or a group of products

Cost reduction by 5-20%

Process improvement

8-16 weeks/
10 – 16 MD

Production, logistics, material flows, layout

Inventory reduction in enterprise by 10-30%, new inventory management, freeing surfaces

New product start-up

8-24 weeks/
12-24 MD

Engineering, start-up, try-out

Reduction of start-up time by 10-30%, cost reduction for chnages by 10-20%

Strategic Development Management

20-30 weeks/ 10-15 MD

Whole Enterprise

Preparation and realisation of strategy for the annual growth 5-20%

Modelling and simulation

12-24 weeks/ 15-30 MD

Manufacturing systems, logistics

Fixed cost reduction by 5-10%, investment reduction by 3-8%, improvement of functionality and risk elimination – optimisation out of the shop floor


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