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Analysing Potentials

A lot of companies often know neither their objective performance parameters nor the parameters of their competition.

However, without regular measuring and evaluating the company’s performance it is not possible to take the right strategic orientation (e.g. process improvement, product innovation, process innovation, outsourcing, business innovation).

The methodology of a potential analysis leads to a quicker and more effective achievement of the company’s goals.

It is the way how to do business better and quicker than the competitors.

The main objective of analysing the potentials provided by IPA is to understand the company’s current situation and to compare it with competition and to design a list of necessary changes which will lead to increasing its effectiveness and performance efficiency.

In other words, we are looking for answers to four basic questions:

  • What is the company’s current position?
  • Where are the changes to be made in the enterprise?
  • Which benefits will these changes bring?
  • How are these changes to be realised?

The Way to Making Your Decision

We carry out the following activities when detecting the situation which the company is in:

  • Benchmarking the results with the environment and market requirements
  • Analysing the trends in the particular line of business the company works in
  • Benchmarking the selected indicators with other companies in the same field as well as outside of it
  • Comparing the company with IPA Slovakia Excellence Model
  • Mapping processes for producing selected orders
  • Identifying the opportunities for increasing the performance efficiency and productivity of key processes
  • Defining the target values of the key process parameters
  • Designing the procedure and form for realising the necessary changes
  • Defining the procedure and supporting activities for implementing the designed changes

The results of an independent audit will bring our customers the following benefits:

  • Benchmarking the company and the level of its processes from the point of view of the customer
  • Benchmarking the selected performance indicators and company effectiveness with the world manufacturing
  • Assessing the implementation degree of modern methods for increasing company’s efficiency (assessment by the marks: 0-4) and benchmarking the standard in the line of business
  • Evaluating the knowledge level and the employees’ motivations in various company areas
  • Identifying the wastage in processes
  • Identifying the constraints, critical processes and causes of problems in the company
  • Defining the objective performance limits
  • Formulating the real target condition
  • Defining the procedure for improving the performance efficiency and company effectiveness
  • Subsequent support during the change management (couching, training, projects, workshops…)


1.   Preparatory phase of the potential analysis (1 to 2 weeks before beginning) 

  • Analysing the documentation and required data from the purchaser
  • Negotiating the analysis schedule

2.   Analysis Phase of potential in the company (2-3 days)

  • Investigating the key requirements on the process performance efficiency (effectiveness, quality, profitability, time…) from the management point of view and from the customer point of view
  • Analysis of the results and proposal of the suitable indicators for measuring the process performance efficiency
  • Snap-shooting and analysing the process for processing the orders – suppliers, inputs, history of the process, outputs, customers
  • Identifying the wastage, duplicities and unnecessary activities
  • Analysing the potential for the process improvements:
    • Idle Times (waiting, failures)
    • Idle Times due to layout (the activities are carried out at different places)
    • Idle Times due to organisational measures
    • Approval processes (internally and at the customer), responsibilities and competencies
    • Erroneous process logic (simplification of the process possible)
    • Problem with variedness of the orders affecting the performance efficiency and the standard process history
    • Analysing the possible errors and risk (overwork, corrections in documentation…)
    • Analysing the interruption of the information flow (document flow, information flow…)
    • Cost analysis (order controlling, cost management…)
  • Analysing the supporting processes influencing the process performance efficiency for making out the order
  • Analysing the processes for managing and improving the process
  • Cross interview with chosen employees
  • Analysing the documentation provided by the company during the audit

3.   Phase of processing the results (1 to 2 weeks)

  • Processing the audit results
  • Proposal of the projects, workshops and tasks for increasing effectiveness

4.   Phase of presenting the results (1 day)

  • Presentation of the audit results and suggested changes for standardizing and improving the process performance efficiency
  • Suggesting the projects based on the results of analyses whose main goal will be to achieve measurable improvement of the process effectiveness
  • Suggesting the time schedule for realising the projects, projects teams, estimation, laboriousness, resources and investments


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